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Quality beats quantity

 There is no point having tens of thousand followers yet none of them are interested in what you have to say

This is why I suggest you stop adding people at random

Yeah, big numbers look great but don’t get carried away



Use a profile picture unless you really are an egg, of course

The best bet is to use your business logo or if you’re posting as an individual, a portrait picture of yourself will do the trick



Use a branded background

 Twitter is already in the process of launching a new re-design, regardless the point stays the same

You should be 

com/#!/mashable”>Mashable‘s custom background is a great example of what you should be aiming for



Don’t post about topics that your followers are not interested in

 Posting links to your puppy pictures is cute and all but unless it has something of value, it’s considered spam

Stay on topic!



Copywrite headlines

 You have only a few characters to draw attention and make people click on your content

Using a distinctive headline will make the users undestand what they’re getting when clicking on your content

For some ideas, read our guide – 


com/9-twitter-tools-you-should-be-using/”>Twitter toolsTools make your life easier (duh) and also open up some new possibilities such as tweet scheduling,  keyword monitoring, follower analysis, etc

These tools include HootSuite, FollowerWonk, timely, TwitterCounter, etc

I’ll be writing an in-depth post dedicated for Twitter tools later this week



Monitor what’s being said about you, your brand and the topics of interest

 Your aim is to find conversations, jump in and contribute

You can do this easily with Twitter Advanced Search functions that can be streamlined to a third party application such as HootSuite

More about monitoring and Twitter Advanced Search in my next post



ReTweet and converse

Don’t just hit the RT button

Add a few words about why you retweeted such as “great post” or “I agree completely”



Make your tweets public

 Unpublic tweets are not getting indexed by the Search Engines

Also, Twitter is a social media site and social media is all about communication, not hiding what you’re trying to communicate

The purpose of public tweets is also to give your potential followers some insight into what you’ve been tweeting about in order to make a decision whether they should start following you or not



Tag your links

 In order to clearly understand how your tweeting efforts are effecting your website’s analytics, you need to tag the links that are directing back to content on your own site

Read more about tagging social media links in our post 


com/17-helpful-tips-for-marketing-on-twitter/”>Culled from 

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