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20142Happy New Year to you! But please realize that for the year to truly be new, you also need to be new or renew. It’s the changes you make from inside out, that determines how exciting this New year would be.

Please note that it’s 2014 already, and if this year is going to be as exciting as I know it should be, then some things need to change with you as well. Here are a few quick ones, like Jesus said, ” Nobody should put new wine in old wineskin…..”

1. Set New Goals: No matter how the previous years had gone, you have opportunity for a new start, don’t blow it!, set your goals for this year. Be audacious in your goal setting, no Dream is too big for you, stretch your mind, embrace your desires, set up yourself for a change of fortune. For your goals to be realized, they need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. Remember, highly effective people always starts with the END in Mind.

2. Raise Your Commitment: Your level of commitment will determine your level of results. If you are not doing much, please don’t expect much in 2014. God’s blessings have multiplier effects, if you do nothing and it’s blessed by times 1000, you’ll still have nothing. How do you show commitment? By learning more, doing more, get out of your comfort zone, raise your game, be more productive, go for results.

3. Choose Your Company Deliberately: If you walk with Stray Dogs, you will learn to eat shit. Stop hanging around with people who can’t link you up to higher standards. Be careful of people who are critical of others without having anything to show. Chose friends who will move you forward in your business and in life. Don’t join the company of complainers. Complainers never achieved anything significant. They never did, and they won’t start now. Deliberately choose great friends and network with people with similar good interests with you.

4. Track Your Progress: Whatever is not measured, cannot be controlled, to make much progress this year, be sure to track your results. Do not fall into the deception of procrastination, make hay while the sun shines. Have a performance tracker in place for your goals and targets and measure your progress.

I am convinced that 2014 will be your year of enlargement, expansion and great stride if you will keep your focus, move with clarity of purpose and be result driven. Here wishing you a very fruitful year!

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