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So many People are living a Lie and believing that somehow they will outpace, and outwit Life, They erroneously think that Life is a race against others where they get to win when Others lose…that it has to be winners take it all. They spend so much time keeping & settling scores ….. such a pity!

 They not only miss out on the best part of actual living but they spend all their lives doing the following…

  • Living above their means and calling it …..Meeting up!
  • Giving above their capacity and calling it …..Faith ( shaking my head!)
  • Spending big on liabilities & little or nothing on acquiring Assets and calling it….Lifestyle
  • Trying to please everyone and calling it ….Being tolerant
  • Living passively with no real actions and calling it….planning for the future
  • Taking advantage of Others and calling it …Being smart!
  • Filling up their heads with book knowledge and calling it…experience
  • Gathering vanities of this life, leaving undone the things that really do matter….and calling it Ambition!
  • Living as if God is on sabbatical and not involved & watching us all…. we call it Freedom!

,,,,To thyself be true o’ man!, real living does not start until a man own up to whom he really is, even if you cannot yet admit it in the public, at least in your closets, tell yourself the truth!…The Truth does truly set free….because It first frees you from living a Lie, measuring your life by other peoples’ expectations, you are free to be who you are…like Apostle paul’s exclamation…” I am what I am…”

Until you establish a baseline of your Personality, your strengths, weaknesses ( We all have ours, don’t be afraid ), abilities or lack of it, endowments & resources, until you decide & choose who you really want to become and roll up your sleeves to go to work becoming that person without pretensions …..YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME…..AND YOUR LIVE!

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