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images (2)We live in a constantly changing world, look around and you will discover that the world indeed has changed and is changing by the seconds!

For a man that has no core values that rule his life, the world will eventually change him beyond measure that after awhile even he himself will find it hard to believe whom he has become

We live in a world that it is normal be naked, we live in a world where it is old school to stay committed to one man or woman in marriage till death do us part, we live in world where orderliness is odd, being out of control is being cool, we live in a world where your opinion can be respected one minute and the other you can be gutted for the same, we live in a world where it is abnormal to be normal or straight!

In such a world, you must thrive or perish, you must know what you are about, you must have a strong awareness of who you are and just who you want to become or should I say becoming

You must set clear objectives of what you want to achieve, the guiding principles you must adhere to and the core values you must uphold

  You must hold yourself accountable to someone preferably your spouse or a close confidant, you may also need a mentor of someone you admire to guide, calibrate and accentuate you progress

When you dare to be different, the world will gape at you as if you have stepped out of order, your life is certainly yours to live, you must be true to yourself, do not let others write the script of your life

Those who really focus on being themselves have always ended up being an inspiration to many

Nelson Mandela has become an icon to many just for daring to be different

When we have made our choices even if unpopular, we can take our place knowing that it is perfectly normal to be abnormal

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