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You say to me what exactly are you saying……I am saying start Making A Demand on Life!!!!…Get MAD today!

You have been too careful for a long time, avoiding risks and not investing “ anyhow “…the question is …where is the resources you did not invest for fear of losing it? You must stop this passive, apologetic and powerless living and engage live. No car goes far on neutral gear!…until you embrace your challenges and come up with plans to tackle your problems head on…..you may just be dancing on one spot.

  • Do not just make excuses, Make A Demand on your Income!….You must come up with a plan to diversify your income source, depending on just one source of income is not only foolhardy, it is sucidal, do not just earn to spend, put some away and others into assets and investments that can start contributing to your cashflow after awhile. Those that do not make plans to create wealth and therefore become wealth…have sentenced themselves and their families to a bleak and uncertain future…DO NOT GET BROKE…GET MAD!
  •   Make A Demand on your Time, the difference between the Poor and the Rich is how they spend their Time  – Time more than any other thing illustrates the Bible’s assertion that “ God is no respecter of persons…” Time is an equalizer…everyone gets equal measure, but why are some very rich and so many very poor….the answer is in how we spend our time. Who do you spend your time with ( Show me your friends and I will…. ), what do you spend your time on, where do you spend most of your time, why do you spend your time the way you spend it?….HOW MUCH  ARE YOUR MINUTES WORTH? Questions & questions…Time is the most important & powerful resource given to man….and IT IS FREE…..or is it?…well all I know is that it is VERY COSTLY!!….once lost, it is irrecoverable. Be careful how you spend your time, it is the measure of LIFE ITSELF…so just GET MAD ON YOUR TIME
  • Make A Demand on your Relationships… do not gather around you friends who are only interested in whining with you, also make friends of them that will inspire & challenge you to higher heights, I remember growing up with Friends who I competed with on different School subjects, on how many books we could read, on current affairs, on neatness……even today, I still have friends that put me on my toes….I also have Teachers, Pastors, Mentors who are providing the framework and support systems for me to grow and thrive……I have family ( Wife, Siblings, Inlaws etc ). I have former colleagues and Bosses….I can go and on….If I have all these, am sure you have yours too…..do not build relationships and just let them go to waste….GET MAD with them!
  • Make A Demand on your Giftings, Talents and God’s Grace upon your life!….No man is without a talent ( My Bible tells me so…). If you don’t even know your Gifts and natural endowments, how do you begin to harness them, You must immediately embark on a journey of discovery and seek out your inert abilities and find ways to polish those crude deposits into great treasures…we must do same for our families ( Help your wife/husband & children too ). Stop waiting for someone else or something special….YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH AS YOU ARE!. Start from your “ Jerusalem “ and very soon you will start singing your own “ HUZANNAH.“ Great fortunes  & businesses have been born when People dared to GET MAD ON THEIR TALENTS, GIFTINGS & INERT ABILITIES

Life does not bend to the wind of wishes, but can hardly withstand the ferocious force of a determined, persistent and never – turning – back – not – taking – NO – for – An – answer approach to life!…yes you cannot win until you TRY…so quit sitting on the sidelines, LETS GET MAD TOGETHER!!!

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