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Light Indeed ?

Light Indeed1In recent times, I have been burdened by the state of the Church of Jesus Christ, her place and impact in today’s world. It is so worrying that We are fast losing our influence on the society and many will wonder why? in the coming days and weeks, I will be delving into the real purpose of the Church existence, her calling and mandate from God and why I think We need to remind ourselves of this great purpose and of course, the cost of not answering the Master’s question…” When I return to the Earth, will I find Faith in it”?

It goes without saying, that God never does anything without first establishing a basis for it, if you like the very purpose, essence and reason for it, hence, God also has a very clear purpose for establishing the Church…. Jesus said ” Ye are the Light of the world….” Mt.5:14b. Before I go forward, let me be the first to say that ” I am least qualified to cast the first stone…” and let me also acknowledge the sensibilities of those who see Church matters as off limits to the mundane like me, …of course it is better left to those ” consecrated” and ” anointed” by God to handle the best way they deem fit, you know like the ” touch not my anointed and do my Prophets no harm” notions. But before you throw me out of your sight, let me remind you that this attitude is partly responsible for the standing of the Church today across the world, the attendance and practice of the Christian religion continues to wane especially in the developed world.

We must as a Body of Christ be at least concerned and look critically at ourselves after all ” if We judge ourselves, We shall not be judged”! We are to salten the Earth….preserve the world from decay, give taste and colour to all around us!. We are to dictate the pace, be the conscience of the society and the moral barometer of the world…” We are not to conform to the world…but get the world to conform to the high standards of our God”.

I will be raising issues in the coming weeks on what I believe is our non negotiable Divine mandate! We either press on for that high mark of calling or perish!…May God help us all! Amen

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