Every time money or new inflow come into your possession, it is an opportunity to become creative and prudent. It is not a time to blow up your expense column, or upgrade  your lifestyle, it is time to pause, think, strategize on how to maximize that resources….” God who giveth bread to the eater and seed to the Sower…” I believe that most resources that comes our way have both the Seed & Bread component. It is therefore in my opinion a big sin against yourself, your future and that of your family to blow everything on today’s needs and not plant anything to cater for the needs of tomorrow which will surely show up

Spending 100% of what you receive today is a way of saying the following…..

  • My today is all that matters….Tomorrow can take care of itself
  • I am not really sure I will make it to Tomorrow, so let me spend all I have while I still can!
  • I am not in interested in Tomorrow’s harvest…all that matters to me is now & here
  • I am not smart enough to separate the bread from the seed….so I will wack everything!
  • My today will always be better & brighter than my Tomorrow!
  • My Family do not matter, I will make them suffer with me
  • I do not understand Passive income & how to create it
  • I am reading My Bible upside down ( Go to the Ants & learn her ways – counsel from the Book of Proverbs )
  • I have itching fingers & leaking pockets
  • I am part of the Masses
  • I want to work till I die!
  • I live to work & spend!
  • I really don’t care!

Just like the word suggests…..RESOURCES is your gateway to more SOURCES, you must save a part of your income ( no matter how small & irrespective of how much you earn ), the principle is more important than the portion put away. You must devise a way to practice paying yourself first ( Saving before you start spending ) and finding good assets to plug into. My Mentor will often tell me, Emeka, You must find a way to ambush yourself….sometimes, thats the best way. Be consistent, committed to your Goals & Dreams, refuse to entertain any excuses ( Excuses are the habitations of Fools…), find a Guide or Mentor that will hold you accountable to keep your focus…and very soon you will begin to taste the “ fruits from your new harvest “.

Remember to expect a harvest, you must have not only witnessed a planting season, You must have participated and really be a Sower of seeds….may you not waste all your planting seasons, use your reSOURCES to create more SOURCES!

Thank You for reading through….I will love to read your comments too…..kindly share!

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