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prodigalsonWe live in a world of fast things, many are missing out on the best parts of their lives, this is so because many have consistently neglected some critical ingredients of Living

The Parable of the Prodigal Son in the Luke’s Gospel opened with all the focus on the younger and second Son, this explains why the Parable is so titled, we spend so much time analyzing the actions and the inaction of this Son that we miss some of the most salient and silent lessons of this story

A lot has been written and said about this younger son, I will not flog a dead Horse by spending so much time on him here

The story opened with the picture of the two Sons and their Father, of course the younger Son audaciously asked the Father to divide his inheritance for them while still alive!, whatever else you may say about this “Prodigal Son”, you cannot say He does not know how to “ask” for what he believes is available and within reach …

If you like, He knows how to “seize the moment”, He showed that again and again

First, He got the Father to divide his inheritance and give him his portion, he gathered everything and traveled to a far country, when he ran into trouble after squandering all his resources and he began “to want” ( he was back to square one ), he again found and ask a citizen of that kingdom for a job to feed his animals

If you follow the story, you will discover that he continued to explore his options including the decision to sustain himself for a while on the animal’s feeds, and the very strategic decision to return to the father to beg for forgiveness

However this piece is not about this “ Prodigal Son”, it really about the elder Son!, it is really about you and me, as I come across the children of God of various spiritual leanings and denominational persuasions, my heart ache for the level of poverty and suffering I witness daily among the people of God

It becomes worse when I consider that our Father has “ inheritance” for us, both spiritual and material, both here and hereafter

If our Father is the owner of the rams on a thousand hills, if He indeed owns the earth and the fullness thereof, if we all agree that silver and gold belong to Him and that He gives them to whomsoever He desires!, if there is truth in such scriptures as “ And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus “ For I am the Lord thy God that giveth thee the power to get wealth……”

I ask again why is there so much poverty in the land, most especially amongst the “ sons” of the House, is it because there are many Prodigals amongst us

As we focus on the elder son, we begin to get some answers, the scriptures rightly said “ the children of this world are wiser than the children of the kingdom”, the elder son is a reflection of how many of us live our lives today

We are the original prodigal sons!

He was prodigal with his access to his father, whilst he had same access to his father as the younger son, the elder son chose to “bottle” his access to his father instead of use it

He was too busy to ask for anything, nor do anything about his condition

He was too busy “ going to work” while the Father was waiting for him to just ask, is this not also very true of us, are we all not very “busy” people, some of us have been busy for fifteen years, some twenty, others thirty, and others yet have “retired” but we are still busy trying to survive

We are engaged in this “rat race” called “ making a living” or “ making ends meet” and while we “ hustle”, the Father is still waiting!

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