DEBT1Most people that are in debt can tell you their different experiences as debtors but when debts become a serious problem it’s not only financial stability that suffers. Debt worries can have a significant impact on health and wellbeing, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Debts Stress Can Lead To Illness

Most medical experts agree on the harmful effects of worry, and debt can lead to a lot of worrying. Next to the fear of running of cash that most people has, is the fear induced by debt, it is a reality that affects thousands of debtors around the world. Debt stress can lead to physical, emotional and mental illness that can strike without warning. Doctors have reported rising levels in debt-related illness due to the recent credit crunch. It seems that eliminating debts may be one of the only ways to help alleviate this type of illness. This can lead to other disorders and behavioural challenges that can impact marriages and the family as a whole

Common Illnesses That Are Associated With Debt Stress

Depression, ulcers and mood swing are also known to be associated with debt stress. Other symptoms include anxiety, back pain and migraines. Doctors have also reported a rise in patient health problems such as weight gain, despondency and digestive disorders with debt stress being a common factor. Constant sleeplessness due to worrying over debts can also leave people run down, stressed and less productive. There have been reports of people actually suffering strokes and heart attacks due to the long term stresses caused by money worries.

Debt Stress Can Cause Severe Mental Impairment

Many people in serious debt can become depressed but mild depression can be just be the beginning of a bigger mental problem. Becoming depressed over debts is a normal reaction, and if the debt problem is alleviated then depression will usually disappear. But constant harassment from debt collectors, threats of losing one’s home, investment or job can lead to more serious consequences. Their has numerous cases of debtors taking their own lives over mounting debt problems. Some people can handle debt pressures but for others depression can take over their lives and suicide can seem like the only escape route

Early Signs of Depression

Most times person affected by depression may not actually notice the signs creeping up but these signs may be apparent to family and friends. They can become reclusive and withdrawn. They may turn to drugs or alcohol. Or become absent-minded. They may also complain about unexplained aches and pains such as headaches, stomach pains and back pains. Solving the health problem starts with gaining control of your mind and life. Get counseling and put in place a plan to regain financial control and reduce your debt. Health complaints can simply be a symptom of debt stress, take care of the debt and the health issues will be taken care of.


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