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I have had times and days I felt like I was loosing it!….it just appears as if Life is pressing in on you, you wonder why you have to put up with “ these nonsense “. At such moments, what we need is a cool head and a lot of God’s wisdom! 

The older I become,the more I discover than maturity is not a number measured by age nor by exposure….it is a measure of Life & God’s dealings with a man. The more we allow God come through to us, the more we realize how totally messed up we really are…no wonder “ We are His workmanship in Christ Jesus…..” The more I studied God’s word, the more I receive help to learn God’s ways & philosophy, and it is NOT an easy way at all…..but it is the best way though. This way of life teaches that….

  • Sometimes the best answer is SILENCE
  • Sometimes You may have to give up your RIGHTS & PRIVILEGES
  • Sometimes You may have to “ lose” an argument to “ win “ a BROTHER OR FRIEND
  • Sometimes it is okay to be misunderstood so Life can go on
  • Sometimes You may choose to suffer LOSS
  • Sometimes You may have to apologize even though YOU ARE RIGHT
  • Sometimes You may put up with FOOLS & their FOOLISHNESS
  • Sometimes You may have to walk away NOT because you are afraid
  • Sometimes You may have to swallow your PRIDE ( Is in us all ) …and just say it…I AM SORRY
  • Sometimes all You can do is ask God for the grace & strength

If like me, You sometimes really have to do some of these, do not be too hard on yourself, You are NOT alone, there are so many of us in this same tunnel with you. You may not yet know it know…but You are making massive progress and I can tell You ….is all for your own good!

Do not become so engrossed in “ fighting back that You lose your humanity”, do not get so provoked  and “ mad “that you allow them change WHO YOU ARE. You must live life on your own terms, do not lose control, do not live in regrets…sometimes You just have to pause, take a deep breathe and ask yourself , is it worth it at all!

When the dusts settles, after the storm,You may discover than You made the right call anyway….THATS THE REAL VICTORY!

I celebrate YOU, Please let me have your comments & feedbacks.

Please share with your contacts…..Thank You!

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